Service mesh – an architectural pattern for modern application delivery

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The popularity of modern applications built on container-based microservices architecture has led to new requirements for application networking. The emergence of the service mesh architectural concept directly addresses the need for disaggregated services for container environments. The service mesh makes it possible to deliver services such as traffic management, security, and observability to these applications. The open source Istio project for Kubernetes applications is an example of a service mesh. In this session, we will explore the service mesh as an architectural pattern and how modern applications both in containerized clusters as well as traditional applications outside can benefit from the granular delivery of networking services made possible by a service mesh. The session will include best practices used by enterprises who have deployed large container clusters.


Ides Vanneuville – Director Systems Engineering EMEA – Avi Networks
Bio: Ides Vanneuville works as a director systems engineer for Avi Networks EMEA. His focus is on integrating scalable loadbalancing and ADC solutions into modern and new-generation datacenter clouds and public clouds. Ides has worked in the networking industry for over 25 years and has held senior technical positions in companies such as Nutanix, Palo Alto Networks, Infoblox and Netscreen. He holds an engineering degree in Microprocessors and Telecommunications.