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Omschrijving:  Docker Enterprise provides a fully managed and supported Kubernetes distribution, allowing developers and operators to take advantage of the large feature set of the popular container orchestrator, but without all of the pain of operating and securing a complex project.
During this talk we will cover: The lifecycle of getting started with Kubernetes in Docker Enterprise, showcasing how our management tools remove the pain of installing, upgrading and backing up a complex container orchestrator. How you can abstract your applications away from the container orchestrator and reduce the time taken to deploy containerised application (on to Kubernetes) with Docker Compose. Demonstrate how Docker Enterprise builds on the Kubernetes Access Control technology to securely integrate your Container environments with existing identity providers.


Patrick van der Bleek – Senior Solutions Engineer – Docker

Bio: Patrick is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Docker, helping customers adopt container technology across the entire Software Supply Chain enabling them to become more agile while maintaining a cost effective, portable and controlled IT infrastructure.

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