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Not all Kubernetes Platforms are Equal

Not all Kubernetes platforms are created equal. This future looking session will discuss some of the differences operators need to be aware of, why they matter and where things are headed in the future.

Rob Knight

Rob is SUSE’s CTO for Enterprise Cloud Products and is responsible for SUSE’s overall strategy and vision for Application Delivery. He has been working with containers in production environments since before Kubernetes was released and played a critical role in taking SUSE’s Application Delivery Solutions to market.

He’s been working in the Application Delivery space for over 12 years at a variety of companies, and speaks daily to customers, partners, press and analysts on the future of the Application Delivery marketplace.  Linkedin logo icon


Engineering Enablement for DevOps Teams

We launched our Engineering Enablement team with the purpose of creating paved roads for our product teams. Helping them move faster from ideation to production by providing services that solve the common needs. Learn how containers and enablement can have a huge impact on the daily life of a DevOps team!

Jessica Andersson photo

Jessica Andersson

Jessica is Team Lead for Engineering Enablement at Annotell, providing products and services for internal development teams.

She is also a CNCF Ambassador and engaged in the Nordic and local Meetup communities, as an attendee, speaker and organiser.  Linkedin logo icon


More Containers, More DevOps, More Complexity

In the rush to digital transformation, have you made the right container  choices? During the welcoming speech Conoa will present the agenda and introduce the speakers of Containers Today 2020.

Conoa will give their view on the state of container and Kubernetes implementation in the Nordics. They will also highlight some of the challenges mid-size and large Enterprises will face during their IT modernization projects.

Thomas Ljungfelt is CEO and one of the co-founders of Conoa. Thomas is an experience business leader within the IT industry. Linkedin logo icon

Kenneth Albinsson is CTO and one of the co-founders of Conoa. Kenneth is a very experienced business leader, instructor and technician. He is Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) and Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA).  Linkedin logo icon

Running Kubernetes Everywhere with K3s

Kubernetes has become the defacto standard for running containers in the cloud, but it comes with a significant learning curve and operational overhead. K3s, was a controversial experiment by Darren Shepherd to strip out 8 million lines of code. Since the original project hit the front page of Hacker News, the project has gained thousands of GitHub stars, sold-out talks at KubeCon and inspired a new generation of tools. The K3s project can run on devices with only 500MB of RAM meaning it’s perfect for the edge or for keeping cloud costs low.

Learn what K3s is all about, how it differs from the upstream Kubernetes project and how you can deploy it in a resilient way at the edge on commodity hardware like the Raspberry Pi.

Alex Ellis OpenFaas

Alex Ellis

Alex is a respected expert on serverless and cloud native computing. He founded OpenFaaS, one of the most popular open-source serverless projects, where he has built the community via writing, speaking, and extensive personal engagement.

As a consultant and CNCF Ambassador, he helps companies around the world build great developer experiences and navigate the cloud native landscape. Linkedin logo icon

Architecture, Infrastructure & Operations track

Adaptive Applications - the key to delivering great customer experiences

Today, everyone is in the digital experience business. Customers and users expect a lot from the organizations they interact with. Personalized experiences. Secure transactions. Apps that are speedy, reliable, and always on. If you deliver on those promises, odds are your customers are going to be happy—and they’re going to tell their family and friends about it.

But it can be challenging to deliver on those expectations. How can you shape your digital environment to live up to those expectations? Asa Persson explains, by amongst others discussing how you can build in security from the start of app development, and showing some use cases on API Gateway Security, how to support applications so that they're always fast, available secure and optimized for your customers. Because applications are the front door to customer relationships… and every customer relationship matters.

Asa Persson F5

Åsa Persson

The Regional Sales Director NGINX for EMEA NE, Åsa Persson has over 20 years of experience in IT and conducts over 200 meetings per year with a focus on secure and available applications. She has good insight regarding the challenges around the entire application lifecycle management, from a user, to where the applications actually is, whether in a Datacenter, Hybrid or Cloud environment.

She will share valuable information about the challenges and solutions that we see with different customers digital journeys from a Monolithic to The next generation applications such as Microservices and Containers. Åsa's spare time is spent (preferably spent in the nature) with her five children and as an instructor at the Nordic Gym chain SATS. Linkedin logo icon

How to simplify, modernize and accelerate your entire development pipeline with Kubernetes Management and PaaS?

In this session, we will guide you through SUSE’s latest innovations in open source container & application platforms.

Combining the best-in-breed of Kubernetes management and PaaS, you will learn how you can use these technologies to simplify, modernize and accelerate your entire development pipeline.

We will discuss real life customer success stories, and give a series of live demonstrations to illustrate the agility you can experience from embracing SUSE technology.

Peter Andersson

Peter Andersson is a Technical strategist at SUSE and focus on Application delivery platforms in EMEA. He lives with his family in the Stockholm area, Sweden.

He has been working with OpenSource for more than 15 years in many roles and organisations. Such as: Product Manager for op5, a Swedish organisation making IT monitoring solutions based on OpenSource, Sales Engineer at Black Duck helping organisations manage security- and legal risks associated with OpenSource. Linkedin logo icon


Kubernetes everywhere!

In this session, I will show you how to deploy, import, manage and scale Kubernetes clusters on premise, in the cloud and in resource constrained environments on the Edge.

You’ll see how simple it is to deploy your Kubernetes clusters in any environment and manage them all, through one central pane of glass, whilst also centralizing RBAC, Security, Monitoring, Logging and everything else needed to run an Enterprise grade Kubernetes Management solution.

Sheldon Lo-A-Njoe Rancher Labs

Sheldon Lo-A-Njoe

After starting his career as an Embedded Software Engineer, Sheldon quickly enrolled into the world of Cloud Computing. During his first years as Software Development Tool Specialist, he was responsible for everything from the infrastructure, to optimizing CI/CD pipelines and the software releases, after which he took on the role of Cloud Native Consultant.

This is where he got to continue helping clients with migrating their legacy applications to containers and soon after also to Kubernetes as the container orchestration platform. Linkedin logo icon


Securing Your Containers in the Face of Changing Attack Surfaces

Companies are rapidly adopting container technologies to accelerate application development, modernization and transformation to the cloud. This also introduces new attack surfaces that traditional security approaches do not address. What should we keep in mind and how do we move security to the “left” side with as little impact on the DevOps processes as possible.

Ramon de Boer Palo Alto Networks

Johan Wolfhagen is a Technical Sales Manager for Palo Alto Networks and are responsable for the customer relations in the Nordics. Johan has a background working with enterprise software solutions and digital transformation towoards large enterprise customers in the Nordics. Linkedin logo icon

Ramon de Boer is a Cloud Security Systems Engineer for Palo Alto Networks for EMEA since 2015 and has been an advisor for many companies in the Netherlands. At this time he is one of the EMEA technical cloud security consultants. Prior to Palo Alto Networks he worked at a large ISP and had different consultancy roles. Linkedin logo icon

Developer track

5 steps to Kubernetes observability

During this live demo we will show you how to get observability into your Kubernetes environment with the help of New Relic. You’ll learn how to set up and use the New Relic Kubernetes cluster explorer as well as best practices for monitoring containers, clusters and the applications that run in them.

Stijn Polfliet

Principal Technical Evangelist - Stijn joined New Relic as Principal Technical Evangelist in October 2018, when New Relic acquired container and microservices management company CoScale, which he co-founded and led as CEO.

Stijn holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Ghent University in Belgium. His interests focus on new cloud technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, and their performance-related aspects. Linkedin logo icon

Engineer Better

Adopting disruptive, transformative technology is like paying for a gym membership - it doesn't matter how much you pay, you won't see the benefits unless you change your behaviour. Ensure you get the full benefit of cloud native technology by understanding the process changes required to fully exploit it.

In this talk Daniel will discuss the psychology and neuroscience of continuously delivering on a platform, explaining how automation allows for greater sociability and empathy in teams, and how this is demonstrated to increase productivity. We’ll look at the present bias, its unavoidable nature, and how an automated path to production allows us to exploit the present bias to our benefit. Finally we’ll look at intrinsic motivation and how the continuous delivery enabled by cloud native technology increases the frequency of reward, reducing the amount of technical debt a team incurs.

Daniel Jones EngineerBetter

Daniel Jones

Is CEO of UK cloud & continuous delivery consultancy EngineerBetter, who have improved value-delivery at the world’s largest banks, global wealth management firms, FTSE 100 retailers, governments and non-profit organisations.

Daniel is a keynote speaker, and has also been an IT Consultant, an award-winning shorinji-kan jiu-jitsu instructor, indie games developer, entrepreneur, and also once stormed the stage at a music festival to confront a hardcore punk band over alleged bribe-taking! Linkedin logo icon

Data Fabric for Kubernetes

Your applications might be new and easy to deploy to any cloud using containers and Kubernetes, but your data most likely is not. Your end users and customers will pop up as data in every corner of your infrastructure, from the shiniest of private clouds to the murkiest corners of your bare metal unix servers. What you need is a Data Fabric that spans across all platforms in your application landscape, from on premises to any cloud, helping you move your data to where your applications need to be, rather than forcing your applications to sit close to your data. And if you could manage all aspects of that Data Fabric from Kubernetes, now wouldn’t that be something?

In this session I will talk about how you can integrate your data fabric with Kubernetes and how that integration can protect your data and speed up you CI/CD pipeline.

Fredrik Nygren - NetApp

Fredrik Nygren

Is SE Manager Sweden for NetApp, has dedicated his career designing and implementing solutions that store, protect, optimize and leverage information to drive successful business. As a Solutions Engineering Manager for NetApp in Sweden, he leads a team of engineers who are passionate about the untapped value in technology and information.

Fredrik is a highly regarded speaker with a wealth of experience in data operations and new technologies. Linkedin logo icon

Standardize the way you deploy and update applications across cloud and edge

Today's deployment landscape spans multiple clouds, data centers, and edge locations. Deploying and updating containerized applications across all of these locations is a challenging task. Often requiring special knowledge about the infrastructure or modifications of the containers. Join us and explore ways of standardizing deployments and updates in an integrated and automated way.

Emil Nilsson

Solutions Architect EMEA Nutanix - Living in Stockholm, Sweden. Educated Games Developer with a passion for code and development. Been working most of my career in document/information management, data processing and integration development. Passionate about helping customers to automate and integrate. Linkedin logo icon


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