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Databases ? In Containers ?! Crazy or not?

Summary: Like any other piece of software a database can run in a container. But does it make sense? This presentation explores that question in not too technical terms. Speaker: Michael Willer – Sales Engineer – EnterpriseDB Bio: Michael has worked in places like Danish Mail, Oracle, Cybercom, CapGemini, Logica/CGI and a number of other…

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From Docker to Mirantis, the container revolution continues

Summary: As more enterprises containerize their applications they are faced with increasing complexity around assembling components. This is driven by micro-services, hybrid architectures and other factors which define modern applications. Come here Docker Chief Products Officer Scott Johnston discuss the move to modern applications architectures that organizations are making and how they are achieving success….

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Future of the Docker Developer Workflow

Summary: The modern application delivery pipeline is progressing beyond DevOps to concepts like GitOps, SecDevOps and Progressive Delivery. Building on the wide adoption of Docker Desktop, Docker is introducing the next set of tools to improve developer productivity and take advantage of these new workflows. In this talk, Ben De St Paper-Gotch will highlight some…

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A day in the life of a containerised application

Summary:Follow the lifecycle of a containerised application as it gets promoted into production: from development, through build, deployment and then run-time. We travel the journey, discuss the potential nirvana of each stage, compare this with common reality, and suggest easy changes for quick benefits. Speaker: Chris Kranz – EMEA SE Manager – Sysdig Bio: 

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Azure Kubernetes Service and friends – Running containers in the Cloud

Summary: Karl-Henrik “KH” Nilsson is a turbulently enthusiastic and unstoppably curious Swedish software developer with a soft spot for the software community. Having worked with everything from web applications to cellphone towers has given him a very particular set of skills and the habit of breaking out a soldering iron to solve the oddest of problems….

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