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Do you have a Kubernetes security strategy?

Summary: In this session, Sysdig will discuss common Kubernetes security attack points and vulnerabilities, as well as look at quick and easy ways to mitigate these risks. You will walk away with an architectural sketch of areas to focus on in order to tighten your container platform security, without compromising usability! We’ll cover the following…

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How from code to production in 3 minutes on K8s

Summary: Cloud Foundry is a true PaaS platform. SUSE Cloud Application Platform is SUSE’s latest innovation in the application delivery space based on containerized Cloud Foundry. This session will take the attendee on a demo led journey highlighting the top features of the product and ignite discussions on the basic platform architecture with attendees. The…

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Fork data as easily as you fork code

Summary: Deploy stateful applications with persistent storage from NetApp. Live demo using NetApp Trident to dynamically provision persistent volumes, resize volumes, rollback to previous versions of data and fork data as easily as you fork code Speaker: Fredrik Nygren Solutions Engineering Manager – NetApp Sweden Bio: Fredrik Nygren has dedicated his career designing and implementing…

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How to design a Container platform with Docker

Summary: Alm. Brand shares their Service Hotelconcept built on top of Docker Enterprise and how using comic-style illustrations helps communicate the container-based strategy for modernising one of their most strategically important development and production platforms.” Speaker: Name: Sune Keller Architect – Alm. Brand Bio: Sune is an architect and platform builder at Alm. Brand, a financial…

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Dockerfile – the best practices

Summary: From a Dockerfile taken “randomly” on Github, like a good old monolith, we will, by applying the best practices, transform this application into a set of reusable and understandable microservices. We will start by externalizing the services used by our application using existing images and associating them in a Compose file. We will optimize it…

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