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Summary: Cloud Foundry is a true PaaS platform. SUSE Cloud Application Platform is SUSE’s latest innovation in the application delivery space based on containerized Cloud Foundry. This session will take the attendee on a demo led journey highlighting the top features of the product and ignite discussions on the basic platform architecture with attendees. The live demonstrations will include: pushing your first app, buildpacks: what are they and how they can be utilised, scaling and how eay the platform makes it, how to improve resilience and availability of your app. By the end of the session, attendees will have a through introduction and understanding to Cloud Foundry and SUSE CAP and leave with resources and links to help them on the next step in their application delivery journey.


Peter Andersson – EMEA Application and Developer Platform Technical Strategist – SUSE

Bio: Peter Andersson is a Technical strategist at Suse and focus on Application delivery platforms in EMEA. He lives with his family in the Stockholm area. He has been working with OpenSource for more than 15 years in many roles and organisations. Examples are: Product Manager for op5 making IT monitoring solutions based on OpenSource, Sales Engineer at Black Duck helping organisations manage security- and legal risks associated with OpenSource and more.

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