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The good, the bad and the containers

Language: Voorbereiding is essentieel voor een succesvolle Docker implementatie. KPN ICT Consulting in samenwerking met KPN Zakelijke Markt vertellen over de do’s en don’ts van een Docker Enterprise installatie. Als use case gebruiken hiervoor het Docker platform dat we gebouwd hebben ten behoeve van het draaien van enterprise applicaties van een van onze grotere klanten….

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From Kubelet to Istio: Kubernetes Network Security Demystified

Language: Kubernetes provides multiple layers of network security including the control plane, etcd, the CNI network, network policies, and – with Istio on top – the requests between applications themselves. In this talk we explore the underlying technologies on which these layers are built using approachable examples and demonstrations. Attendees can expect to gain an…

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Kubernetes made easy for IT Ops with Docker Enterprise: from zero to hero

Language: With Docker EE 2.0, Docker Enterprise Platform, niw integrates Kubernetes offering people choice of orchestrators. This talk will take you through from the basics to a deep-dive of how Kubernetes is integrated with Docker EE and how we take away the complexity of maintaining a fully high-available and secure Kubernetes cluster. Patrick van der…

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How to containerize at speed and at scale with Docker Enterprise Edition: moving your existing applications to the Cloud

Language: Containers being only used for new and modern application architectures is a common misconception. During this talk we’ll explain how you can benefit from containerizing your existing applications to reduce infrastructure footprint, make your application more portable and manage your existing application in a cloud native way. All without changing one line of code…

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