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How container technology is the enabler of the IT transformation

Language: We live in the era of the agile transformation and DevOps culture adoption. Organizations start to realize that they need to move from the legacy world to the new IT, where speed to market and agility are on the foreground. However, every good transformation needs an enabler and that is the role of Docker…

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Dockerizing the Enterprise, Fast and Secure

Language: The story of the adoption of Docker in ABN AMRO (so far….) How we move from always overloaded statically defined Jenkins pipelines to a state of the art Cloudbees Jenkins Enterprise implementation on AWS using Docker for Masters and Agents to provide ultimate scalability and flexibility for our DevOps teams.

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Opening keynote

Language: The Evolution of Containers – from container technologies to container platform: accelerating digital transformation and business outcomes at speed and at scale from IT operations to innovation. Bradley Wong, Director of Product Management, Docker

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