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Containers Today London will be postponed to February 2020. The exact date will be announced later. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to see you in February 2020.


Experience the exciting world of containers

While digitization is more important than ever before and many professionals work with an innovative portfolio to realize this progress – think of clouds, data centers and application architectures – progress is being countered at the same time by existing applications and related infrastructure (legacy). The solution? With container technology, you can run applications without depending on the underlying servers and software versions, both on-premise and in the cloud, managed and secured from a single platform.

Do you want to know what containerization can mean for your organization?
We will talk about containerization in one day: how does your organization benefit from container technology? What is the difference between containerization and virtualization? How do you save costs? How do you manage a hybrid infrastructure and containers in the cloud? To answer all questions as well as possible, we divide the day into two different tracks: Business Track – Developer/ Opps Track

For whom
On this day we expect over 150 Dev / DevOp’s, ITDM’s, Architects, Project Managers, CTO’s & CIOs.

Business Track
In the business track we go deeper into the business case around container technology. What are the advantages? How do you save costs? How do containers change your current projects? For whom is this type of IT interesting? We have selected practice-oriented cases for you.
Developer/Ops Track
Container technology was quickly embraced by developers. Because what could be better than isolating applications from the underlying infrastructure so that they can not only be moved reliably from one environment to another, but also provide a flexible way of testing? In the developers track we provide live demos. In each session we take a step deeper into the technique. After a number of sessions you can call yourself a pro in the area of containers.
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